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Ready On Notice Consulting Services DBA: Prestigious Homes Realty Realtor Real Estate listings sales 1251 SW 19th St Boca Raton, FL
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Prestigious Homes realty of Boca Raton

Prestigious Homes Realty licensed Real Estate Broker 
RBD Lending licensed lender in florida - HARD MONEY LOANS 

options to avoiding foreclosure

loan modifacation

prestigious homes realty and rbd lending now

assist with 
short sale deed lieu of foreclosure loan modification interest rate deduction 
you do not have to be late on payments to get a loan modification 
homeowners - investors all may qualify

Loan modification - loan mod Foreclosure defense, interest rate reduction , short sale , deed in lieu of foreclosure


short sale deed lieu of foreclosure loan modification interest rate deduction 
you do not have to be late on payments to get a loan modification 
homeowners - investors all may qualify



Loan modification interest rate reduction 
you do not have to be late on payments to get a loan modification 
homeowners - investors all may qualify

Loan modification interest   rate reduction 
you do not have to be late on payments to get a loan modification 
even if you have been denied on modification you can apply again 
homeowners - investors all may qualify
Loan modification interest rate reduction..






A Loan Modification Solution can help you save your home! We provide homeowners an opportunity to restructure their loan in such a way that they can stay in their home! By negotiating a loan modification on behalf of the homeowner, we are able to protect your most important asset, your home!

You do not have to be late on payments to get a loan modification 
homeowners - investors all may qualify Mortgage Modification or Mortgage rate reduction is when  the lender modifies one or more of the terms of your  existing mortgage without the typical cost of a refinance.  Most lenders today are doing modifications on Primary, Second and Investment Properties.  However,  every lender on loans (delete) has their own particular guidelines, and guidelines change frequently! (add)


Even if you have denied before you can resubmit for a (add) modification.  But educate yourself first, call for you FREE EBOOK designed for Modification Consultants! (add)

1. Wachovia
Existing principal balance: 711,403.99
Negam min payment: 2632
principal & interest payment: 3426
Mortgage Assistance Program
New principal balance: 569,123.19
Interest only payments for 6 years starting at 4%
New payment 1897
Principal and interest payment starting 5/15/2016 at 5.712%, 2999.12 payment
for life of loan

2. Indymac
Old Rate: 6.125%
New Rate : 2.5% for 5 years and 4.5% thereafter.
Old Payment: $2,017.42
New Payment: $1,347.36 for 5 years and $1,783.65 thereafter.
Savings Of:  $670.06 for 5 years and $233.77 thereafter.
Bank Of America Clients were current.  Old Rate 7.5. 
New Rate 2.3% for 5 years and 0% on second for 2 years. 
Lender offered a higher rate, and it was negotiated to 2.3% 

However,  every lender  has their own particular guidelines..
If you would like a free E-Book designed for Mortgage Modification Negotiators 
just call we will email it to you immediately, no cost or obligation.  (move down and center)

Borrower Benefits:

No harm is done to the homeowner's (one word) credit rating.

Homeowner's avoid foreclosure and can sell the home later on if they choose for a good market value.

Loan modification does not affect the neighborhood home values.
Mortgage debt is "forgiven" instead of settling through stressful, and sometimes embarrassing, legal proceedings.

Loan terms are modified to work within the borrower's financial means.

Families get to remain in their cherished homes and neighborhoods.

A professional loan modification net branch handles every step of loan modification processing for homeowners (one word), giving you back your peace e of mind.

If you are considering doing your own modification educate yourself call us today. (delete) and insert below paragraph

If you would like a free E-Book designed for Mortgage Modification Negotiators 
just call we will email it to you immediately, no cost or obligation. 

Loan modification - loan mod Foreclosure defense, interest rate reduction , short sale , deed in lieu of foreclosure 
561 392 2450 


A short sale or deed in lieu may help avoid foreclosure or a deficiency.
Many homeowners facing a foreclosure have to determine that they just can’t afford to stay in their home. When and If you plan to give up your home but want to avoid foreclosure (including the negative blemish it will cause on your credit report), consider a short sale or a deed in lieu of foreclosure. These options allow you to sell or walk away from your home without incurring liability for a “deficiency.”
To learn about deficiencies, how short sales and deeds in lieu can help, and the advantages and disadvantages of each, read on.
Short Sale
A short sale is when a lender is willing to take less t hen what is owned to them
In many states, lenders can sue homeowners even after the house is foreclosed on or sold, to recover for any remaining deficiency. A deficiency occurs when the amount you owe on the home loan is more than the proceeds from the sale (or auction) -- the difference between these two amounts is the amount of the deficiency.
In a “short sale” you get permission from the lender to sell your house for an amount that will not cover your loan (the sale price falls “short” of the amount you owe the lender). A short sale is beneficial if you live in a state that allows lenders to sue for a deficiency -- but only if you get your lender to agree (in writing) to let you off the hook.
If you live in a state that doesn't allow a lender to sue you for a deficiency, you don’t need to arrange for a short sale. If the sale proceeds fall short of your loan, the lender can’t do anything about it.
How will a short sale help? The main benefit of a short sale is that you get out from under your mortgage without liability for the deficiency. You also avoid having a foreclosure or a bankruptcy on your credit record. The general thinking is that your credit won’t suffer as much as it would were you to let the foreclosure proceed or file for bankruptcy.
What are the drawbacks? You’ve got to have a real offer from a buyer before you can find out whether or not the lender will go along with it. In a market where sales are hard to come by, this can be frustrating because you won’t know in advance what the lender is willing to settle for.
What if you have more than one loan? If you have a second or third mortgage (or home equity loan or line of credit), those lenders must also agree to the short sale. Unfortunately, this is often impossible since those lenders won’t stand to gain anything from the short sale.
Beware of tax consequences. A short sale may generate an unwelcome surprise: Taxable income based on the amount the sale proceeds are short of what you owe (again, called the “deficiency”). The IRS treats forgiven debt as taxable income, subject to regular income tax. The good news is that there are some exceptions for the years 2007 to 2009. To learn more, see “Income Tax Liability in Short Sales and Deeds in Lieu,” below.
Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
With a deed in lieu of foreclosure, you give your home to the lender (the “deed”) in exchange for the lender canceling the loan. The lender promises not to initiate foreclosure proceedings, and to terminate any existing foreclosure proceedings. Be sure that the lender agrees, in writing, to forgive any deficiency (the amount of the loan that isn’t covered by the sale proceeds) that remains after the house is sold.
Before the lender will accept a deed in lieu of foreclosure, it will probably require you to put your home on the market for a period of time (three months is typical). Banks would rather have you sell the house than have to sell it themselves.
Benefits to a deed in lieu. Many believe that a deed in lieu of foreclosure looks better on your credit report than does a foreclosure or bankruptcy. In addition, unlike in the short sale situation, you do not necessarily have to take responsibility for selling your house (you may end up simply handing over title and then letting the lender sell the house).
Disadvantages to a deed in lieu. There are several downfalls to a deed in lieu. As with short sales, you probably cannot get a deed in lieu if you have second or third mortgages, home equity loans, or tax liens against your property.
In addition, getting a lender to accept a deed in lieu of foreclosure is difficult these days. Many lenders want cash, not real estate -- especially if they own hundreds of other foreclosed properties. On the other hand, the bank might think it better to accept a deed in lieu rather than incur foreclosure expenses.
Beware of tax consequences. As with short sales, a deed in lieu may generate unwelcome come taxable income based on the amount of your “forgiven debt.”
Income Tax Liability in Short Sales and Deeds in Lieu
If your lender agrees to a short sale or to accept a deed in lieu, you might have to pay income tax on any resulting deficiency. In the case of a short sale, the deficiency would be in cash and in the case of a deed in lieu, in equity.
Here is the IRS’s theory on why you owe tax on the deficiency: When you first got the loan, you didn’t owe taxes on it because you were obligated to pay the loan back (it was not a “gift”). However, when you didn’t pay the loan back and the debt was forgiven, the amount that was forgiven became “income” on which you owe tax.
The IRS learns of the deficiency when the lender sends it an IRS Form 1099C, which reports the forgiven debt as income to you.
No tax liability for some loans secured by your primary home. In the past, homeowners using short sales or deeds in lieu were required to pay tax on the amount of the forgiven debt. However, the new Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 (H.R. 3648) changes this for certain loans during the 2007, 2008, and 2009 tax years only.
The new law provides tax relief if your deficiency s tems from the sale of your primary residence (the home that you live in). Here are the rules:
Loans for your primary residence. If the loan was secured by your primary residence and was used to buy or improve that house, you may generally exclude up to $2 million in forgiven debt. This means you don’t have to pay tax on the deficiency.
Loans on other real estate. If you default on a mortgage that’s secured by property that isn’t your primary residence (for example, a loan on your vacation home), you’ll owe tax on any deficiency.
Loans secured by but not used to improve primary residence. If you take out a loan, secured by your primary residence, but use it to take a vacation or send your child to college, you will owe tax on any deficiency.

The insolvency exception to tax liability. If you don’t qualify for an exception under the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act, you might still qualify for tax relief. If you can prove you were legally insolvent at the time of the short sale, you won’t be liable for paying tax on the deficiency.
Legal insolvency occurs when your total debts are greater than the value of your total assets (your assets are the equity in your real estate and personal property). To use the insolvency exclusion, you’ll have to prove to the satisfaction of the IRS that your debts exceeded the value of your assets.20
Bankruptcy to avoid tax liability. You can also get rid of this kind of tax liability by filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, if you file before escrow closes. Of course, if you are going to file for bankruptcy anyway, there isn’t much point in doing the short sale or deed in lieu of, because any benefit to your credit rating created by the short sale will be wiped out by the bankruptcy.

For more info on getting help with the above and other options contact prestigious homes
561 392 2450

Loan modification - loan mod - Foreclosure defense, interest rate reduction , short sale , deed in lieu of foreclosure 
561 392 2450

For more info on getting help with the above and other options contact prestigious homes
561 392 2450


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