Prestigious Homes of Boca Raton Real Estate,flat fee MLS Service for the State of Flroida

Realtor luxury homes.

We offer limited service Listings for luxury Property's and low end properties too !

Our Name alone is worth the cost of a MLS Listing. SERVICE

Member of the Palm Beach County-Broward- Dade MLS Miami , Orlando MLS Boards PALM BEACH MLS GREATER FT LAUDERDALE MLS.

Prestigious Homes Member of Many MLS Boards in FLorida And a Proud Member of Flat fee realtor Florida State Lic CQ 101 0556 Ready on Notice Consulting Services Inc. DBA/ Prestigious Homes Realty Real Estate of Boca Raton, reduced commissions

voted best flat fee mls in florida

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Boca Raton Real Estate Company!!


Ready On Notice Consulting Services DBA: Prestigious Homes Realty Realtor Real Estate listings sales 1251 SW 19th St Boca Raton, FL Phone 561-392-2450 Please in In Central and North Florida Only 561 392 2450 hours we answer phone m-f 9 - 6 weekends sat 9-1pm sun 10-12 certain weekends might be closed phones sometimes forwarded to home phones fax 561-392-0557 Realtor

RealEstateABC "See example" and how we do it. And how we direct calls to you !

Prestigious Homes realty of Boca Raton


of Boca Raton
Boca Raton Real estate
Serving south florida Boca Raton,Parland, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Highland Beach

MlS listing Service Flat Fee Realtor program for luxury homes

We cover many parts of Florida
with our disocnt flat fee MLS Program.

Alongwith a full service listing service .

To learn how to list your home at a Discount in your local MLS, plesae go to our home page

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Our name alone will be the first step in selling your home
we also provide signs with our logo but with your phone number

Frequently Asked Questions:

Seller Questions-Getting listed in MLS Questions
Buyers Questions and Using the Buyers Advantage program
Company Information Questions
Questions Regarding Our Experience and Qualifications


Seller Questions-Getting listed in the MLS:

Q: How does this exactly work :
A: You pay us a fee, Our real estate company will place your home for sale under Prestigious Homes Realty. You are listed as the contact . Realtors with buyers contact you directly if they have a good prospect . These realtors will have a fiduciary to you since you are still paying their commission and will be able to assist in the negotiation and writing of the contract with you and their buyer. You will only pay a commission, that you have stated to the selling agent if they sell your home. Further, you will still be able to sell your home yourself through your ads, yard signs or from without paying a commission. Your home will also appear in which is explained below. Our name alone will be the first step in selling your home
we also provide signs with our logo but with your phone number

Q: What is
A: It is a site on the internet that people use all over the world to search for property. All properties listed in the MLS, appear on powers sites like AOL, MSN, Excite,, Yahoo, and more !!!! people from the above sites are guided to you !!
who are interested in your home . allows up to 25 photos in a slide show , provides a flyer , and map that sellers can print out

Your home will appear here with pictures and a link to your contact information world wide exposure for buyers searching the net . In today's computer age , having a property here is a must. This is better than having 10 newspaper ads.
See example

Q: If I choose to use Prestigious Home's flat fee service, how long does it take my property to be placed in the MLS?
A: Your property will be entered in the MLS as soon as we receive all the proper documents signed. Once entered in the MLS, it will take up to 1 business days to appear in the MLS and an additional 2-3 days to appear in

Q: Do I get a receipt for the flat fee service charge?
A: Sellers will receive a receipt via-email. Once the property listing is entered and appears in the MLS and, Prestigious Homes will send you by email, link, or by fax, a copy of the MLS listing and

Q: When does Prestigious Homes bill me for the flat fee service?
A: Once we receive all the required listing information from you, and we have an approval from your local MLS. Prestigious Homes will bill your credit card. The flat fee service will be non refundable after that point.

Q: Can I cancel my flat fee listing with Prestigious Homes?
A: Prestigious Homes does allow you to cancel your flat fee listing (with no refund) as long as it does not have a pending contract or any commissions due to a Realtor.

Q: Can I upgrade to a full service listing with Prestigious Homes?
A: Prestigious Homes does allow you (the seller) to upgrade services to a full service listing. The flat fee listing that you paid will be credited towards a full service listing when the property sells and closes.

Q: How long should I list my home in the MLS?
A: A good idea is six months, but we advise nothing less than three months. You will make the decision of how long you want to have your property listed in the MLS.

Q: What should I offer the selling Realtor as a commission to sell my home?
A: Prestigious Homes suggest that you offer 2.5% to 3.5%. Keep in mind that the more you offer, the more motivated the agent might be to sell your home. Feel free to offer whatever commission you like.

Q: When we list our home with your company, how would other Realtors contact us and go about showing our property?
A: Prestigious Homes will list your name and phone number in the MLS, allowing Realtors to contact you directly. At that point, Realtors will make an appointment with you to show your home, it will be up to your schedule when your property can be viewed. (Please make sure the phone numbers you provide are the best way to reach you .) Prestigious Homes will assist with appointments for customers selling their home through the Buyers Advantage Program and Full Listing Service.

Q: How do I go about pricing my home, and do you allow price changes?
A: Prestigious Homes will research three to five comparable properties that have recently sold in your area. This service will be given to customers who are selling their home outside Palm Beach and Broward County. We will send these com parables with the information packet we provide. Palm Beach and Broward counties, a more detailed comparable list will be given. If you feel that you priced your home too low or too high we allow two price changes at no fee.( Some MLS North Florida boards might not allow more than one price change, please call if you are concerned).

Q: Can I contact Prestigious Homes Realty via telephone?
A: Yes. Prestigious Homes encourages customers to call if they need more information, help with filling out forms, or prefer to work on a personal basis. You can reach us at 1-888-550-6894.



Q: If I use Prestigious Homes Realty to purchase a home, how does the buyers advantage work for me?
A: Prestigious Homes offers buyers an advantage of earning money in the purchase of their home. We are able to do this by giving ½ of our commission paid by the seller that is given to us for selling their home. In return Prestigious Homes will give ½ of that commission back to you, the buyer.

For example: If a home sold for 100,000 and our commission is 3% which = $3000, Prestigious Homes will credit the buyer $1500.

Q: Can you do this on any property that is for sale?
A: We can do this with almost all properties listed, including some New Construction. Some conditions apply.

Q: Will Prestigious Homes help me find a home?
A: YES, Prestigious Homes will help you search for
a home based on the criteria you give. We will input the criteria into the local multiple listing service (MLS) and will help you sort through the properties that best suite your needs. In addition, Prestigious Homes will use their exclusive relationships and contacts to locate properties that may not be listed in the MLS. Prestigious Homes also offers the MLS to buyers on our site to help buyers locate properties in their area. This can be found on the Left side of the page under MLS search properties.

Q: If I use Prestigious Homes to buy my home, when do I receive my share of the commission?
A: You will receive your share of the commission on the day that you purchase the property and close. Prestigious Homes will authorize a credit to the buyer on the closing statement.

Q: Will Prestigious Homes Realty help me understand the purchase contract?
A: Yes, Prestigious Homes Realty will write-up, negotiate, and thoroughly explain the contract with the buyer.

Q: Will Prestigious Homes Realty help me with inspections?
A: Yes, Prestigious Homes Realty will assist in ordering inspections and obtaining repairs by seller if applicable.

Q: Will Prestigious Homes Realty help me with obtaining financing?
A: Yes. Prestigious Homes Realty has worked with a highly qualified mortgage banker (BANCPLUS) for over 8 years. Our mortgage banker has the ability to be competitive with interest rates and has the knowledge and flexibility
to help buyers with different needs and situations. Furthermore, because of our close relationship, servicing you is a top priority. A link to BancPlus is located on our home page for your convenience.

Q: Does Prestigious Homes help us understand title work and closing fees?
A: Yes.

Q: How is Prestigious Homes different from other brokers?
A: Prestigious Homes has the revenue, knowledge, and experience to over exceed any other broker on services and marketing. (Please view our reference page.)



Company Information Most Asked Questions:

Q: How can you afford to provide your services at such a low rate?
A: Prestigious Homes accomplishes a very competitive pricing by:

  1. Less over head as an Internet based company with access to the MLS on this site and access to International and National clients through the Realtor. Com and the Internet.
  2. Prices of real state have gone up so fast in our area, but most real estate commissions have remained the same. Furthermore, the same commission that a Realtor charged in 1997 is resulting today (2003) in nearly double the earnings of what a Realtor made 4 or 5 years ago. Being a logical company we feel that we can pass the saving on to the customer.

Q: How is Prestigious Homes different from other brokers?
A: Prestigious Homes has the revenue, knowledge, and experience to over exceed any other broker with our services and marketing. (Please view our reference page.)

Q: How long has Prestigious Homes been in business?
A: Our concept is new, the Real estate company itself (Ready on notice Consulting services) has been in business since 1999. Prestigious homes is our new name to better identify our selves with our clients.



Questions Regarding Our Experience and Qualifications:

Our experience will help a Seller and Buyer meet their goals!

Q: How long has Prestigious Homes been in business?
A: Our concept is new, the Real estate company itself (Ready on notice Consulting services) has been in business since 1999. Prestigious homes is our new name to better identify ourselves with our clients.




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