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Can any other Realtor show you a list of homes sold
like this ??

This partial list below is a list of properties sold from people
from DI and Q Financial and Prestigious Homes.

The list of homes below on the left
were sold with no other Realtors help
and were sold in 3 weeks by our people.

We have the experience


The following is a list of some of the properties sold within the last few years!
All the homes listed here were sold in less then 3 week time period!
partial list
1700 sw 9 st boca Raton
Cloud lake cir Boca Raton
2nd ne street Boca Raton
Sandlefoot Boca Raton
A ST. Lake Worth
Albert Rd West Palm Beach
Alexander West Palm Beach
Alpha Rd West Palm Beach
Alpine Rd. West Palm Beach
2543 Angler Rd Delray Beach
Ardmore West Palm Beach
Arnold Rd West Palm Beach
Arthur Rd. West Palm Beach
Aspen Rd. West Palm Beach
Athena West Palm Beach
Barnstead Rd Lantana
Beech Rd. West Palm Beach
Berrywood lake worth
Champ Blvd.
Bonnie West Palm Beach
Bougainvilla West Palm Beach
Caddie west palm beach
Calico West Palm Beach
Canal Dr West Palm Beach
Cannon Way West Palm Beach
2505 Canterbury West Palm Beach
Caroline West Palm Beach
4691 Carthage Lantana
Casper West Palm Beach
2732 Cherokee Ct. West Palm Beach
Cherry Rd. West Palm Beach
Chicashaw lantana
4838 Clinton Rd. Lake Worth
2353 Clubhouse West Palm Beach
Coconut west palm beach
Columbus Rd. West Palm Beach
Creek west palm beach
Cresthaven Pompano
Cypress Ln west palm beach
Dale west palm beach
1690 Dalinda West Palm Beach
51 Davis Palm Springs
Dogwood West Palm Beach
Dillon west palm beach
Eadie Pl. West Palm Beach
Egremont West Palm Beach
El Vadado West Palm Beach
Elm Rd. West Palm Beach
4985 Elmhurst Rd. West Palm Beach
Empire west palm beach
424 Erie Rd Jupiter
Ethelyn West Palm Beach
Fairway West Palm Beach
1112 Filer Rd. Lake Worth
Flamingo West Palm Beach
Flemming Lake Worth
Florida Rd. West Palm Beach
Francis St. West Palm Beach
French Ave West Palm Beach
Gardenia lake worth
Garfield Rd. Delray
Gladiator west aplm beach
Gulfstream Delray
Gun Club Rd. West Palm Beach
Helene Rd. Lake Worth
Hemlock west palm beach
Hermosa West Palm Beach
Highridge lantana
1042 Highview Rd. Lantana
Holly Palm Beach Gardens
164 Jamaica Dr. Palm Springs
Kenland west palm beach
Kenyon west palm beach
Kingsbridge Boca Raton
Lake Ave.
Lake Blvd.
Lake Wood Lake Worth Rd.
Lewis Rd. West Palm Beach
Lincoln Rd Delray
Lime Rd. West Palm Beach
Linda Ln.
Los Altos Palm Springs
Luzon lake worth
Lynn Dr.
Mars west palm beach
Mary Cir. Palm Beach Gardens
Meadow Brook
Mentone Lantana
Navarre Lake Worth
1111 New Parkview Pl. West Palm Beach
Nickles St. Boynton
Oak Royal Lantana
Ocala lantana
Ocean Park Boynton beach
Oklahoma West Palm Beach
Oleander lantana
Omar West Palm Beach
Orange St. lanta
Palm Ave. west palm beach
Perry Rd. West Palm Beach
Pine Crest West Palm Beach
10428 Pippin Rd. Royal Palm Beach
705 Place Chateau Delray
Plum Tree lantana
2394 Queen St. West Palm Beach
Queen Ann west palm beach
Rainbow west aplm beach
Ranch House Rd. West Palm Beach
Rose Marie West Palm Beach
Sage Ct Wellington
Saratoga west palm beach
Snapper Way Delray Beach
Souchak West Palm Beach
Sunrise West Palm Beach
Sunset West Palm Beach
Tallulah Lantana
Tulip Tree West Palm Beach
Van Buran Delray beach
Venitian Ave. Lantana
Voilet Ave. West Palm Beach
Ware Dr. West Palm Beach
Wild Daisy West Palm Beach
Willow Springs Boynton Beach
Winchester West Palm Beach
Winrock lake worth
Winters St. West Palm Beach
Worthington West Palm Beach

List of Recent sales in the last month
Sold through our listing programs :

5171 Garfield rd Delray beach

878 Sage Wellington

424 Erie Dr Jupiter

2543 Angler Dr Delray

3910 tuskeegee dr lantana

kings Bridge Boca Raton

Elmhurst West Palm beach

4838 Clinton blvd Lake worth

1111 filer rd lake worth

coconut rd lake worth

575 angler Delray

4167 Sapphire Ter

Cheokee rd West Palm beach

10616 Royal Palm Blvd Coal springs condo

spring loop in celebration orlando

10616 Royal Palm Blvd Coal springs condo

4165 coconut creek, FL


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